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The PepTalk platform is structured around four significant building blocks.

PepTalk Platform  (mandatory).

An all-in-one platform that provides organizations with a host of features, including Feedback, Surveys, Ideas and Alerts, Goals, File Management, Event Management, Messages, Discussion Groups, Recognition, Meeting Management, Course Management, Targeted Banners, Top-Down Messages, HR tools & Analytic Insights.

PepTalk ML.

Tracks key issues in real-time and allows organizations to focus on solving
problems rather than simply detecting them. PepTalk ML transforms PepTalk data into
insights, giving management the power to actively shape their organization’s culture.

PepTalk Insights & DNA.

helps establish personal employee DNA as well as holistic organizational DNA, as a means for increasing employee & organizational performance by providing them with real-time insights.

An internal employee reward & benefits coin-tool that helps organizations increase employee satisfaction as well as company profit.

PepTalk Employee Recognition.

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