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Employee Engagement + HR = A Perfect Match.

Traditionally speaking, Human Resources are in charge of employee welfare. As employee engagement becomes more and more prevalent in today's modern workplaces, it is only natural that HR executives pave the way for cutting-edge employee engagement strategies.

The Relevance of Employee Engagement for HR

HR departments are important. They are in charge of the entire employee life cycle, from initial recruitment to assimilation and advancement. When an employee leaves, HR will make sure that he or she receives a professional farewell throughout the final days at the office. They are also in charge of HR strategy: ensuring that the organization benefits from the top talents in the market, and that employees benefit from satisfactory advancement opportunities.

In this respect, employee engagement provides HR executives with an extra boost, bringing creativity and commitment, enhancing productivity, performance and profitability, and increasing employee preservation over time. When implemented wisely, employee engagement can transform organizations into very exciting work environments.

How Can Employee Engagement Help Human Resources Achieve its Goals?

  • Employee engagement models and concepts can be integrated within short and long-term strategic plans.

  • Employee engagement tools can be actively put to use within the organization, thus creating an environment that employees will not want to leave.

  • Effective dialogue between employees and managers can facilitate opportunities for growth, self-expression and career advancement.

  • Employees (and former employees) will recommend their place of employment to their friends and connections – making recruitment's job a lot easier.

What about Measurement? That's the Icing on the Cake!

In many organizations, HR is also responsible for measuring employee engagement. We think that's a good thing. Why? Because of technology. Today, the most cutting-edge employee engagement is performed online, on organizational social platforms. Everything is transparent. Everything is in real-time. And everything is measurable. It's never been easier for HR departments to measure or manage employee engagement, and it's never been easier to translate data into organizational insights. And if this is where HR is headed, then HR has never been more important.

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