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How to Engage the Millennial Generation?

As more and more baby boomers retire every year, the percentage of working millennials is growing. As a result, the Millennial Generation is gradually taking over the global workforce – and millennial-oriented culture is becoming more and more dominant within organizations.

What makes millennials special?

Research has shown us is that millennials are extremely hard working and ambitious. They want to get ahead and work hard to achieve their goals. They also like to work quickly, multi-task and deliver fast results.

While money is important to millennials, for many it takes a back seat to working in a dynamic atmosphere and feeling meaningful and appreciated. Most millennials want to be able to speak their mind, inject new ideas and receive an immediate response. They want to be a part of an ongoing dialogue that creates an impact.

Millennials also love transparency, flexibility, honesty and feedback. They want to be listened to. If they feel that their organization doesn't take them or their work seriously – or doesn't live up to their standards – they will find an employer who does.

Engaging Millennials is smart business

As the market and workforce change over time, many organizations search for new models and paradigms that can help them adapt. One such example is employee engagement.

Many organizations acknowledge that engaging millennial employees requires a real investment. Millennials demand a lot and can smell unauthenticity a mile away. They want to work in an environment that truly values them and goes the distance to prove it. They seek employers that see the big picture beyond the bottom line, and are concerned about how business impacts society as a whole. Some organizations aren’t programmed to operate under such terms. Some don't even want to try.

Yet the flip side is that real effort can really pay off. Organizations that invest in creating a transparent, open and socially-aware culture will establish a foundation for high employee satisfaction and loyalty. The more employees identify with their workplace, the more they will happily invest back. And when taking into consideration just how talented, innovative and hard-working many millennials are, the dividends can end up being very high.

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