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Platform Features


Work Together.   Learn from one another.   Empower each other.



Personal Profiles - The ultimate personal space for today's digital era. An effective tool for connecting with employees across the organization, the personal profile's robust features greatly enhance self-expression and collective employee engagement.

Skills & Knowledge – Employees can share their skills, professional experience and personal hobbies
with their colleagues via their personal profile. The data is accessible via searches conducted by
employees looking for specific skills-sets, thus increasing personal connectivity and professional

Activity Feed - Allows employees and managers to track their peers’ posts and overall digital engagement, keeping everyone connected and informed at all times.

Newsletters - Organizations need to spread news internally on a regular basis. The platform's newsletters keep everyone in sync with organizational events and announcements, and are accessible via desktop banners or feed posts.


Team Goals - OnePep helps teams align around specific business goals. By pinning goals and objectives into the system, managers can create a transparent ecosystem that promotes personal and collective achievements.

Interactive Employee Directory - Looking for someone? OnePep's employee directory allows
employees to find specific personnel via smart searches based on names, job titles and contact
details. It's the ultimate timesaver for busy professionals.

Launchpad’ App Integration - Efficiency is critical, especially in digital environments. OnePep organizes all key organizational applications in one central location, so that every App is always at a finger's reach.

User Personalization - Employees can shape their profile and feed according to their personal preferences, in a matter of seconds, thus creating customized experiences that enhance engagement and promote organizational success.



Events Calendar - Employees have access to a personal calendar, where they can schedule meetings, events, workshops and special occasions. Meeting and events can be published in either private or public mode. It's a great planning tool that also encourages people to meet and collaborate.

Instant Messages - OnePep's advanced messaging tool allows employees to spark conversations with their peers at the click of a button, send files and create online conference talks. It's an easy and informal way to meet, pass information and get things moving.

Activity Stream - OnePep's public activity stream gives users a taste of what goes on inside the organization. Employees, managers and top management can post photos, text, documents and messages regarding official internal activities. The stream helps keep everyone informed while creating a lively organizational culture.

Intelligent Search - Searching for specific organizational content? With OnePep's search, it has never been quicker to find employees with certain skills, organizational courses, official documents and more. Just type in your term or keyword and get instant results.

File, image, and video sharing - Cutting-edge organizational communication relies on more than text and conversations. With OnePep, employees can send files, photos and videos to specific persons, teams and even entire departments. It's yet another simple way to connect and remain up-to-date.

Instant notifications across devices – The OnePep platform provides instant access to content across multiple devices. No matter where you are, you can remain in the loop and know exactly what's going on.



Communities - Thriving organizations are made up of multiple communities with unique interests and objectives. OnePep's robust toolbox nurtures diverse communities, including departments, teams and project hubs, by allowing their respective members to communicate, educate and cultivate each other.

Banners (TD Communication) - OnePep provides management with the ultimate tool for communicating with employees: banners. Define your message, quickly create a banner, schedule your launch – and you're good to go. It's the perfect tool for special announcements and ambitious campaigns.

Articles – Employee enrichment is key to engagement, satisfaction and growth. OnePep provides organizations with a robust professional article platform, where employees can browse through valuable content, expose themselves to new information and continue to develop their professional expertise.

Birthdays – There is nothing more fun than getting a birthday wish. OnePep notifies managers and employees regarding their peers' birthdays, giving them an opportunity to send them a message on their special day. It's a small sign of appreciation that does wonders for the workplace.

Recommendation badges – Positive reinforcements create happy employees and healthy work environments. With OnePep, employees can recommend their peers by posting a recommendation badge onto their profile.

Introduction post – Making a new employee feel welcome is very important to his or her assimilation. That's why OnePep operates a special feature that allows managers to schedule an automatic post that helps company employees better understand the new employee’s role and smoothens his or her onboarding process.



Analytics - OnePep provides management with a host of advanced analytics, which measure employee performance across a wide range of parameters. Platform administrators can view and analyze overall employee engagement across the organization, compare stats from different timeframes, and gain valuable insights moving forward.

Knowledge Management - Organizations work with numerous knowledge systems, and integration is key to effective management. OnePep allows administrators to upload and share data from other systems (including leading Microsoft & Google tools), and creates seamless access to valuable organizational information.

Employees statistics – OnePep contains all relevant data for effective employee evaluation, based on a wide range of significant parameters. HR and senior management can measure individual performance based on hard data, segmentation and smart comparisons.

Procedure manuals for employees - OnePep makes all official organizational manuals and documentation available to employees at all times – and downloadable at the click of a button. Admins can easily add and update procedure data as they see fit.

Personnel Files - Authorized administrators can access employee files, which contain all relevant information for HR and head management. Administrators can view files from one central location, conduct smart comparisons, add data and more. It's an integral HR tool that promotes active personnel management.

Brand Editor - OnePep helps organization showcase their brand internally, by allowing authorized users to upload logo and other brand components, and customize colors and design accordingly. Thinking about rebranding? Not a problem. OnePep can be easily modified in a just a few clicks.

Multi-language support - As part of the personalization process, OnePep allows users to choose their language of choice and work seamlessly with employees from other nationalities and cultures.




Cloud service - OnePep provides each organization with its own personal cloud, which stores all platform data in a safe and secure manner.

Single Sign-On (SSO) - OnePep supplies authorized users with access to all organization systems and applications via a single authorized sign-on, thus saving time and reducing hassle.

Backups -  OnePep saves an updated copy of all data every day, in compliance with current risk management policies.

24/7 Availability - OnePep uses effective measures to ensure that its service is available 24/7, including relying on redundant clustering technology and two independent data centers.

Safe Data - In order to ensure data security, OnePep is accessed via an SSL connection for all purposes.

Integrations - OnePep facilitates smart integrations between organizational systems and platforms, thus keeping up with cutting-edge corporate computing environments.

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