One Holistic Platform That Maximizes Employee Experience & Enhances Commitment to Organizational Goals

OnePep is an AI-power people management platform that includes innovative tools that help organizations enhance employee experience, communication, and engagement.

OnePep Does All

Employee Experience
Digital Workplace
Analytics Dashboard
Gives you instant real-time data you can act upon, not to mention valuable information pertaining to engagement levels, turn over reports and more. A true contributer to your organization.
Easy access to secure organizational knowledge. Save time by collaborating and communicating better. Co-create an organizational culture with everyone on board.
OnePep transforms EX by providing one digital cloud-based hub for all people, processes, and organizational platforms, thus increasing employee engagement. 

Build, grow & manage your community in a cloud-based tool

OnePep community allows company employees to work together, learn from one another and empower each other. As a group member, you can grow professionally, interact socially, locate valuable data and let your unique voice be heard. You can also create new groups and become a group manager. It's pretty limitless stuff.

Employee Satisfaction. Managerial Efficiency. Business Results.
When Three Become One

The Employees

​​With OnePep, you'll have access to all company information, news, goals, achievements, documents, procedures, events and announcements.​​


You'll be a part of an open platform that generates new ideas, suggestions, questions and general discussions.​​ You'll be able to connect with fellow employees, get to know new people and address management regarding both business and social topics.

The Management

​​As senior management, your top priority is employee empowerment. With OnePep, that is exactly what you'll be doing.


​You'll have access to a leading platform that generates open and transparent dialogue between people on diverse organizational levels, and facilitates trust between departments, teams and personnel.

​​Employee engagement creates a positive work environment and instills a collective sense of meaning and pride.

OnePep's BI-based analytical tools
provide insights on hot topics, information gaps and diverse interactions. The platform engages employees and drives them to pursue organizational goals, while harnessing their wisdom and innovation to solve business problems.

The Organization

 Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Product

" OnePep has transformed internal communications at 3base Today, our employees are much more connected to each other, to the organization, and to the clients they work with, which has made 3base a faster and more efficient organization. "

Noa Klot, Co-CEO of 3base Software Development.


Fewer emails


Fewer meetings


Employee engagement

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Our Company

Founded in 2017 by a team of senior executives, OnePep is ideal for organizations who wish to increase their employees’ experience levels.


Our mission is to help organizations maximize their employees’ potential as a means for enhanced overall
business performance.

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